Computer for Adam

Total Cost - USD 1,178
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,178

Adam, 23, has been responsible for himself for a long time. He left home at age 16 and lived in various schools, with his principal, and even in the street. He started using drugs but took himself to rehab and has been clean for four years. Two years ago, Adam moved to a kibbutz and has worked full-time, and very long hours, in the cowshed. He is a conscientious, hard worker. He does not earn much but is careful with his money.

Adam is under constant financial stress as he pays for his gas to get to rehab support meetings and to visit his siblings (with whom he works hard to keep up a connection), and to pay his rent and other costs. Adam’s dream is to become a graphic designer. He has taken classes in this area and found it appealing.

Recently, Adam took a leave of absence from the cowshed to try to set up his own business. He reached out to architects and offered his services for free, as a way of gaining experience and building connections. But his computer is not up to the job – it is old and slow, and its inability to run the most up-to-date programs means that he cannot deliver what his clients want.

Adam’s social worker believes that he has a great future in the field. She says he is dedicated, has many skills, and a strong sense of responsibility.  The only thing holding him back is the lack of proper tools, that is, the computer, which he cannot afford to buy on his own.

Verified by: shir Bar Shay, Lamerchav | Case No.: 200082
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