1. Can a needy person submit a request to be posted on the website by him/herself?

No, a private individual may not submit a request for funding. All requests must come through either a social worker or some other social service provider such as a guidance counselor, youth director or seniors worker currently employed by a municipality, school, hospital, youth or seniors center, who can provide Ten Gav with the supporting documentation that we request and authorization from a manager in his department.

2. You say that Ten Gav works to fund relatively modest needs. Is there a maximum amount for a need that can be posted on the Ten Gav website?

Yes. We do not accept any requests for funding that exceed 5500 NIS or $1500.

3. Are there any other restrictions regarding the type of needs that can be posted on Ten Gav?

Yes. We do not accept requests for funding for food, dental work or debt, and we do not post recurring needs. In addition, we will not partially fund a need unless the amount we are requested to post represents the final payment for a need and the entire balance of the need is already guaranteed.

4. You show the names of the social workers that have submitted the stories to you. Do these social workers act alone?

A social worker or other similar service provider may approach Ten Gav with a request for funding after completing an application process during which a case report accompanied by price quotes and authorization by his/her superior must be submitted for review. A social worker may not submit a request independently. Ten Gav only works with social services agences that have been pre-approved by Ten Gav.

5. Once a need has been completely funded what do you do?

First we check that the need is still current and has not been met by other sources during the period of time that it was posted on Ten Gav. Then we issue a check directly to the supplier of the goods or services and arrange for delivery in cooperation with the social worker. We notify all donors to that particular campaign that it has been completed and we remove it from the list of current stories on the Ten Gav website.

6. What happens when you receive too much money for a case?

If a donation comes in that is earmarked for a case that is already funded, the donor will be contacted and asked if s/he would approve of Ten Gav using the donation to fund another case of his/her choosing, or at the discretion of Ten Gav. If the donor requests, his/her donation will be refunded.

7. Who funds the operations of Ten Gav?

In order to maintain our commitment to the 100% model, we apply all funds, minus payment processing fees, that are donated via the Ten Gav website directly to the story chosen by the donor, when s/he specifically earmarks that gift. Ten Gav relies on and greatly appreciates any private donations made towards its administrative costs.

8. May I donate using BIT?

Yes! The Ten Gav phone number for donating in Israeli shekels only via BIT is +972534337695.  Please send us an email to admin@tengav.org so that we can forward your tax deductible receipt.  Note: We will not receive your personal details from BIT so unless you do so we will not be able to forward you your receipt.

9. What are your Israeli bank details

Bank: Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Limited
Bank branch code 423
Achuza 96
Branch: 423 Ra’anana
Account Number: 112737
Account Name: Ten Gav
IBAN: IL97-0204-2300-0000-0112-737
Tel 076 8040230

10. Do you issue tax-deductible receipts?

Yes.  Any donation made to Ten Gav through our website will receive a tax-deductible receipt immediately upon the completion of payment.  The receipt will be delivered by email to the address submitted by the donor as part of the payment process.  Ten Gav issues tax-deductible receipts for donations made in $US, $CAD, GBP, Euros, AUD, and NIS.

11. May I donate by check?

Yes.  If you wish to mail a check and receive a tax-deductible receipt, please note in the comment section of the check that it is meant for the benefit of Ten Gav, Amuta ID 580593903.  Please note the correct name to put on each check and the mailing address.  If you wish to mail a check in Euros or AUD please email info@tengav.org for instructions.

For $US dollar donations:

The Good  People Fund
c/o Naomi Eisenberger, Executive Director
384 Wyoming Avenue
Millburn, New Jersey
United States, 07041

For $CAD donations:

The Ne’eman Foundation 
75 Lisa Crescent
Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 2N2

For GBP donations:

UK Gives
483 Green Lanes
London, England

For NIS donations:

Ten Gav
26 Ben Yehuda
Raanana, Israel