The gift of giving – tzedakah gift cards


What’s a tzedakah gift card?

A tzedakah gift card is a charity gift eCard and entitles the recipient to spend its value on the needy Israeli family of his/her choosing.  A Ten Gav Tzedakah Gift Card is a wonderful way to give a meaningful present.

(Please note that the value of a tzedakah gift card is indicated on the e-card so that your recipient may “spend” it  to help a Ten Gav family in need.)


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Choose a theme, write a personal message, decide on the gift card value and donate. You make the donation. We send the e-card.  They choose which family to help.

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Spend a tzedakah gift card​

Lucky you!  Someone gifted you the gift of giving.  Read the personal stories of Israeli families in need.  Choose who you want to help. Click give and “spend” your tzedakah gift card.

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