Project ONWARD 2019

for the benefit of women in distress

Total Cost - $51429
Still Needed - $18618
Funded - $32811

Project ONWARD is an ongoing fund, created in order to address the needs of Israeli single mothers and young women who are attempting to overcome the challenges of poor housing conditions and inadequate resources and support.

Project ONWARD funds basic needs (fridges, beds, ovens and washers), educational and vocational programs and computers that are necessary to provide this population with the skills and confidence needed to secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle and regain a home for themselves and their children.

Requests for funding have the following characteristics:
  • Personal – the request will be submitted by a social service professional made on behalf of a specific client and NOT on behalf of a program
  • Direct Impact – the request will have a direct impact on the likelihood of success of the program/therapy for the individual client
  • Improve quality of life – the request may be for a basic need e.g., bed or electrical appliance
  • Cost a modest amount- the request for funding for any one application may not exceed $1500
  • Are non-recurring – the request cannot be for an ongoing/recurring expense e.g., rent, food, electricity, etc.
  • Do not cover debt


TOGETHER, we can make a difference!

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