The Bed Fund 2023 – Every Child Deserves a Bed

Total Cost - $ 585,526
Still Needed - $ 265,226
Funded - $ 320,300

It’s not charity.  It’s our responsibility. 

A simple bed can have a direct impact on a child’s overall mental and physical health.

Over the past three years, Ten Gav has provided more than 1,500 beds, mostly to children.  Many of these children were sleeping on couches or worn second-hand mattresses.  Many others were sharing beds with parents and multiple siblings.  And, in the worst cases, children were sleeping directly on the floor.

The need for beds for children in Israel is great. Ten Gav currently works with 40 social services departments around the country.  The #1 request for assistance is for beds.  Few social services agencies have the resources to provide a bed for a child who does not have a proper space to rest his head.  

At Ten Gav we believe that every child deserves a safe and comfortable place to sleep, regardless of their circumstances.

We have designated 2023 as the YEAR OF THE BED

When good sleep is elusive, a child’s chance of succeeding in school and in the playground is jeopardized.

Our goal is to provide beds to 1,500 children at a total cost of 2,250,000 NIS /$675,000.

Join us!  Support this campaign and help us provide a bed for every child and hope for a brighter future.

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