Our Mission

Direct giving opportunities. Directly to you.

Ten Gav is an internet crowd-funding platform that matches donors to individuals and families with modest needs that have been submitted for backing by social services professionals in Israel. Since November 2014, our mission has been to provide direct access to personal giving opportunities to enable you to make a real difference in the lives of real people.

Our Team

Naomi Jacobs-Brounstein, Founder and Voluntary Co Chair

Vivi Mann, Founder and Voluntary Co Chair

Anna Menzies Hecht, Resource Development

Tal Orpaz, Social Services Partnerships

Irit Weinberg, Systems

Neemi Segal, Donor Relations

Yocheved Singer, Marketing

Galia Gilad, Graphic Design

Yael Lenga, Supply Chain

Shira Deitcher, Volunteer, Approvals Committee

Mindy Schapiro, Volunteer, Copywriter

Michelle Yampolsky, Volunteer, Translator

Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of these and other private individuals and foundations that support our vital work to better the lives of Israelis-in-need.