Our Mission

Direct giving opportunities. Directly to you.

Ten Gav is an internet crowd-funding platform that matches donors to individuals and families with modest needs that have been submitted for backing by social services professionals in Israel. Our mission is to provide direct access to personal giving opportunities in order to enable you to make a real difference in the lives of real people.

Our Team

Committed to the 100% model

Naomi Brounstein

Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Education: BA York University,
JD Osgoode Hall Law School,
MA Tel Aviv University (Social Work)
Children: 4
Home: Raanana
Year of aliya, 1993

​Naomi was born to take initiative -- particularly when it came to Jewish concerns. First it was as a student leader and successful young lawyer in Canada, and then after she made Aliyah, she headed to the not-for-profit sector. She recently completed an MA in Social Work at Tel Aviv University to ensure her smooth transition into a professional career in the Israeli volunteer sector. Naomi believes that crowd funding is a viable and meaningful way of giving and she can't stop tweaking the Ten Gav web site into the wee hours of the morning.

Vivi Mann

Born: Baltimore, Maryland
Education: BA, Johns Hopkins University
Children: 5
Home: Raanana
Year of aliya, 1995

As if raising five children while launching countless not-for-profit organizations since making Aliyah was not enough, Vivi, a former Mercer Management consultant, couldn't resist the opportunity to build Ten Gav with Naomi. In addition to her extensive management background, her vast experience with Israeli social service providers gives Ten Gav the critical perspective it needs. She is determined to find more and better ways for Israelis-in-need to leave the cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their families. She also provides much needed humor, sometimes.

Irit Weinberg

Irit grew up in Kfar Saba. She is the mother of 3 and has been with Ten Gav from the get-go. She is an administrator par excellence, a Salesforce geek, an awesome appliance shopper and entirely dedicated to the social workers we partner with.

Irit comes to us from AMDOCS where she honed her corporate and management skills. She loves working in the not for profit sector and making a difference in people's lives.

Neemi Segal

Neemi made Aliyah from Baltimore, MD in 2005. Neemi has broad experience in the non-profit world having worked for Nefesh B'Nefesh and Yad Sara. In addition to working at Ten Gav, Neemi is studying psychology. She and her husband currently live in Jerusalem.

"Working at Ten Gav allows me to see how each donor can make such a difference in another familiy's life. I love seeing people's generosity and being part of the 'donor experience.'"

Yocheved Singer

Yocheved Singer is a dedicated professional with a passion for nonprofit work. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Yocheved made Aliyah in 2009 to pursue her love for Israel. Yocheved became the Director of Marketing for Sachlav Taglit Birthright Israel, where she developed successful marketing strategies that helped increase the program's reach and impact. In 2012, Yocheved left Jerusalem and moved to Raanana to get married and start a family. She chose to dedicate her time to raising her five children and being a stay-at-home mom for the next 10 years. During this time, Yocheved remained connected to her passion for nonprofit work and community service. Now, Yocheved is excited to return to the workforce and join the team at Ten Gav. Her enthusiasm for making a difference in people's lives is evident in everything she does, and she is eager to continue using her skills to contribute to society.

Hadas Bachar

Hadas Bachar, married and mother of 3 children has joined Ten Gav as Social Services Coordinator. She has a BA in criminology and social sciences from Bar Ilan University and an additional degree in social work from Ariel University. She has 12 years of experience in the field as both a family social worker and child custody evaluator. We are excited to have Hadas on the Ten Gav Team.

Galia Gilad

Galia Gilad is a resident of Ra'anana and a mother of 6. She works at Beit Berl College as a teaching assistant and freelances in digital design and website building. Both of her occupations challenge her and bring her pleasure. "I experience great satisfaction when I succeed in turning a customer's idea into a precise design that works, and in teaching people the wonders of technology."

Shira Deitcher

Shira hails from Jerusalem and made Aliya in 1975. She has been involved in so many different social enterprises that we can't keep track. Shira has a Bcomm. from Concordia U and a teaching degree from Beit Berl College.

"I enjoy trying to make the world a better place. I also like volunteering for organizations that care about people and try to improve their quality of life." We are all the better at Ten Gav for having Shira, who shares her wisdom, acquired by years of helping people with financial difficulties, on the Ten Gav Team.

Mindy Schapiro

Mindy has joined the Ten Gav Team as a writer and editor for our website and Facebook pages. During her LBA (Life Before Aliya) Mindy graduated from Columbia University and went to work in publishing. After moving to Israel in 1993, she continued work in the related field of hi-tech editing. Over the years Mindy has given her time as a volunteer for important organizations like MIshne Lechem, Bayit Shel Benji, and Beit Protea.

Ruth Kahan

Ruth Leah Kahan graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude, with a degree in History and Literature. She studied at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem for a year, then completed her law degree, with honors, at Boston University. She is an avid Israeli dancer who has served on board of the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston for the past 25 years. She also learns daf yomi every day. Ruth Leah works as a freelance editor, and enjoys improving the language and presentation of anyone writing in English, in any field. She gives voice to the Ten Gav personal stories and we think she's a great advocate for them.

Our Funders

Committed to the 100% model

That means that all of the money you donate goes to the story that you have chosen.
That also means that we fund-raise separately to cover our operating costs.
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of those private individuals and foundations that enable us to offer this model of giving by supporting our work.

Our Partners

These municipal welfare departments submit applications to Ten Gav