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Read these personal stories brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants have been changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agency are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Sarah and Ivor have had a difficult aliyah. They and their six children have had trouble integrating and have needed a lot of support from social services. However, they are all determined to stay in Israel and to make a life here for themselves. Sarah cannot work because of chronic...

Total Cost - $726
Still Needed - $474
Funded - $252

There was a time when Dan and Pnina were working steadily and staying out of poverty. But three years ago, when their youngest child was born with a heart defect that has required surgery and several hospitalizations, things got difficult. Both Dan and Pnina lost their jobs as they took...

Total Cost - $933
Still Needed - $792
Funded - $141

Daniel, 9, needs a computer in order to do his schoolwork, but there is no money for one. Daniel lives with his father, 64, and his sister, 36; neither works (she has epilepsy), so the three survive on social security payments. The family is very careful not to go into...

Total Cost - $1021
Still Needed - $688
Funded - $333

When Eyal and Mimi Goldman’s daughter was one and a half, she died suddenly of a brain infection. This tragedy and his brother’s suicide shortly thereafter threw Eyal into a deep depression. It is under control now, with the help of therapy and medications, but he is not yet able...

Total Cost - $963
Still Needed - $451
Funded - $511

Since she was a child, Aviva, 46, has suffered from joint pain that sometimes keeps her in bed with exhaustion and sometimes attacks her so forcefully that it leaves her helpless. Her husband, Gershon, 48, does most of the housework and is responsible for taking their three young children to...

Total Cost - $726
Still Needed - $604
Funded - $122

Rivka is the only wage earner in her family. On her salary as a part-time aide to the elderly, she supports her four daughters and her husband, who refuses to get a job so that he can spend all day learning Torah. Rivka is frustrated by this decision and has...

Total Cost - $376
Still Needed - $340
Funded - $36

Meira and her husband moved to Israel 18 years ago with their six children. The couple divorced five years later and the father is no longer in touch with the family. He does not pay any child support. Meira, 56, is fiercely independent and hesitates to ask for aid of...

Total Cost - $633
Still Needed - $339
Funded - $294

Chani (10) is the youngest of her parents’ 10 children. It was clear soon after she was born that her development was delayed, as she reached various milestones later than her siblings did. She started in special education at age three. Chani loves her school and particularly enjoys playing with...

Total Cost - $642
Still Needed - $323
Funded - $319

Aya’s parents spent years quarreling until they finally divorced. Her father disappeared, leaving her mother to care for Aya and her five siblings. However, Aya’s mother had few parenting skills, nor any ability to hold a job. Aya, now 18, spent much of her childhood in a series of boarding...

Total Cost - $948
Still Needed - $777
Funded - $171

Danny and Gila keep their home neat and orderly. But they are struggling with little income and high debts, which make it difficult to raise their six children and meet their monthly needs. Gila was at home for many years, taking care of the children, but despite health problems that...

Total Cost - $817
Still Needed - $529
Funded - $288

Levi, a systems engineer, does not earn a bad living. But the unexpected costs of his daughter’s illness have thrown them into need. Tehila, 3, has a rare genetic illness. She is not developing physically, cannot speak or walk without support, and since a liver transplant a year and a...

Total Cost - $1564
Still Needed - $535
Funded - $1029

Clara often feels overwhelmed by her medical needs. After cancer treatment, which included chemotherapy and radiation, she still takes follow-up medications. She suffers from severe back and leg pain, as well as from a broken hand, and is recovering from surgery for a broken foot. It is hard for her...

Total Cost - $1021
Still Needed - $620
Funded - $401

Project ONWARD 2019

for the benefit of women in distress

Project ONWARD is an ongoing fund, created in order to address the needs of Israeli single mothers and young women who are attempting to overcome the challenges of poor housing conditions and inadequate resources and support. Project ONWARD funds basic needs (fridges, beds, ovens and washers), educational and vocational programs and computers that...

Total Cost - $50000
Still Needed - $31043
Funded - $18957

Project BOOST 2019

for the benefit of At-Risk Youth

Through our work with social services departments around the country we know how badly at-risk youth need our continuous support.  We have therefore established Project BOOST,  an ongoing fund, so that together, we can help them. The goals of Project BOOST are:  To empower at risk youth to complete schooling...

Total Cost - $50000
Still Needed - $34846
Funded - $15154

Project RESPECT 2019

for the benefit of elderly Ethiopians

We’d like you to meet Moran and Dinah! Moran Yosef is the director of the Seniors Center for Elderly Ethiopian Immigrants (Ha’Moadon le’kshishei Yotz’ei Ethiopia) in Hadera and Dinah is the sports director. There are approximately 600 elderly Ethiopians living in Hadera. In our work with the municipal social services department over the...

Total Cost - $37500
Still Needed - $37167
Funded - $333
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