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Read these personal stories brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants have been changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agency are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Moshe can no longer work as a bus driver or do any physical work because of his poor health. He suffers from diabetes, a ruptured disc, and dental problems so severe that he cannot eat solid food. He is in on-going pain. In addition, his dire financial straits are causing him...

Total Cost - $267
Still Needed - $241
Funded - $26

Seeking meaningful Army service, Tzvika applied and was accepted to an atuda program, which allows him to complete college before entering the Army. He is studying communications and will go directly into the Air Force after earning his degree. Tzvika, 20, has committed himself fully to this program, despite his...

Total Cost - $795
Still Needed - $718
Funded - $77

Zohar’s divorce from her husband has dragged on for three years. In the meantime, he has broken off all contact with her and with their children, Aya, 6, and Leah, 3. All three of them have been traumatized by the process and by the financial distress that it has caused...

Total Cost - $1050
Still Needed - $947
Funded - $103

When Ya’akov, the tenth of 11 kids born to a Charedi family, decided to leave his family’s way of life, he broke with them entirely, dropping out of school, living in the street, even engaging in minor criminal activity. With the help of social services over the past two years,...

Total Cost - $1005
Still Needed - $905
Funded - $100

Batya, 40, is a caring and diligent mother, doing all she can to take care of her son’s many needs. Lior, 2, has Downs Syndrome and a host of accompanying medical problems. Batya supports the two of them on her salary as an aide in a Town pre-school. But she...

Total Cost - $1470
Still Needed - $1103
Funded - $367

In light of all of the difficulties Penina has faced over the years, her social worker is impressed with her ability to continue her fight to get the most out of life and to manage on a daily basis. Penina, 62, has lung, heart, and knee problems that cause her...

Total Cost - $357
Still Needed - $323
Funded - $34

Five years ago, when Mazal and her husband split, she moved back into her parents’ house. The home was crowded and Mazal’s brother, who also lived there, showed less and less patience for her son, often resorting to verbal abuse. This past summer, Mazal was finally able to move them...

Total Cost - $387
Still Needed - $250
Funded - $137

Hadas finished 11 years of schooling. She has held many short-term jobs but has had trouble staying employed because she suffers from physical ailments (pain in her head, neck, and back, and headaches) that make showing up consistently difficult. This has kept her from breaking out of the cycle of...

Total Cost - $825
Still Needed - $745
Funded - $80

Alex and Natasha have had a difficult aliya experience. They found the transition to life in Israel stressful and, with almost no Hebrew, had trouble finding jobs. Before they did so, they ran up many debts, which they are now working diligently to pay off. Natasha, 41, makes cables for...

Total Cost - $1020
Still Needed - $869
Funded - $151

After his divorce four years ago, Ido underwent an emotional crisis. He left the kollel where he had been studying and found himself without a job and temporarily homeless. Ido now lives in a two-bedroom apartment and works as a cleaner for the Israel Railway Company. Ido has a very...

Total Cost - $1571
Still Needed - $931
Funded - $641

After many years during which Miriam could not work, she has recently taken a job stocking shelves in a store. At the moment, Miriam, 40, and her two children (ages 13 and 7) cannot stay in their public housing unit, as it is so run down and neglected that it...

Total Cost - $990
Still Needed - $864
Funded - $126

Project ONWARD 2019

for the benefit of women in distress

Project ONWARD is an ongoing fund, created in order to address the needs of Israeli single mothers and young women who are attempting to overcome the challenges of poor housing conditions and inadequate resources and support. Project ONWARD funds basic needs (fridges, beds, ovens and washers), educational and vocational programs and computers that...

Total Cost - $51429
Still Needed - $18618
Funded - $32811

Project BOOST 2019

for the benefit of At-Risk Youth

Through our work with social services departments around the country we know how badly at-risk youth need our continuous support.  We have therefore established Project BOOST,  an ongoing fund, so that together, we can help them. The goals of Project BOOST are:  To empower at risk youth to complete schooling...

Total Cost - $51429
Still Needed - $30336
Funded - $21093

Project RESPECT 2019

for the benefit of elderly Ethiopians

We’d like you to meet Moran and Dinah! Moran Yosef is the director of the Seniors Center for Elderly Ethiopian Immigrants (Ha’Moadon le’kshishei Yotz’ei Ethiopia) in Hadera and Dinah is the sports director. There are approximately 600 elderly Ethiopians living in Hadera. In our work with the municipal social services department over the...

Total Cost - $38571
Still Needed - $36189
Funded - $2383
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