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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Irit, 34, and David, 34, are raising four young children, ages 3-13. When she was 20, Irit and her partner had a baby. It was an abusive situation and, after their second child was born, Irit was able to break free of the relationship. Soon after, Irit met David, they...

Total Cost - $ 1,070
Still Needed - $ 856
Funded - $ 214

Anat, now 21, has had a very rough start in life. A single mother to a two-year-old son, Anat is now looking to turn her life around. Anat comes from a highly dysfunctional home. Her parents divorced when she was younger and, after the divorce, Anat began displaying at-risk behavior....

Total Cost - $ 669
Still Needed - $ 551
Funded - $ 119

Nomi, 39, and Hillel, 40, are struggling to raise their nine children (6 months – 16) with dignity. Hillel works as a teacher; Nomi was working as a customer service representative but is currently unemployed. Nomi suffers from fibromyalgia and was recently diagnosed with depression. She can barely function and...

Total Cost - $ 578
Still Needed - $ 446
Funded - $ 131

When Hannah and Benny met, Hannah had three children from her first marriage. She and her children moved in with Benny, and the two of them had five more children together (plus one on the way). While Hannah, 43, works outside of the home, Benny, 47, does not. He receives...

Total Cost - $ 734
Still Needed - $ 662
Funded - $ 71

Nurit, 31, is struggling to raise two young children (ages 3 and 5) on her own. Nurit works as an aide to the elderly, but her minimal income doesn’t cover her monthly expenses. She has also incurred heavy debts over the years that she is trying to pay off. Because...

Total Cost - $ 1,591
Still Needed - $ 1,381
Funded - $ 211

Stav, 33, is a single mother to two young children, ages 2 and 5. Recently, Or, Stav’s five-year-old son, was diagnosed with autism. The family of three has been living in a one-room apartment. This has been extremely difficult, especially given Or’s challenges. They have now been approved for a...

Total Cost - $ 425
Still Needed - $ 383
Funded - $ 42

Tami, 62, needs our help. Tami has lived a rather sad life. At the age of six, her mother died, and her father was unable to care for his children alone; they were sent to foster care. Tami lived with a number of foster families during her childhood, until she...

Total Cost - $ 581
Still Needed - $ 408
Funded - $ 172

Liza and Peter’s current situation is heartbreaking. The couple immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe seven years ago. They have three young children, ages 4-8. Peter, 45, was working until a serious work accident left him with a severely injured leg. He underwent surgery and is still recovering. He is...

Total Cost - $ 1,070
Still Needed - $ 904
Funded - $ 166

For most people, a clothes dryer is not a necessity; for Tamar, however, it is. Tamar is divorced and has ten children; seven of them (ages 6-18) still live at home and five have been diagnosed with autism. Because of her circumstances, Tamar cannot work outside of the home. She...

Total Cost - $ 547
Still Needed - $ 314
Funded - $ 233

Nurit, 45, is struggling right now but is determined to move forward with her life and build a brighter future for her one-year-old daughter, Dana. Nurit was married for three years. During that time, she tried to get pregnant but was unsuccessful. Eventually, she and her husband divorced. Last year,...

Total Cost - $ 700
Still Needed - $ 308
Funded - $ 392

Batia, 59, has never been married and has no children. Three years ago, she moved in with her elderly mother in order to help her. Her life is lonely and difficult. Batia herself struggles with both physical and emotional issues. She survives on a monthly disability stipend, and there is...

Total Cost - $ 413
Still Needed - $ 359
Funded - $ 53
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