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Read these personal stories brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants have been changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agency are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Ela and Moshe don’t have an easy life. Neither of them work, and they are raising four young children, ages 8-1. Moshe is a diagnosed schizophrenic. His condition makes it impossible for him to hold down a job. To make matters worse, the side effects from his medications are debilitating. He...

Total Cost - $907
Still Needed - $530
Funded - $377

Fanny and Ivan Petrov immigrated to Israel from Russia six years ago with their two children. Both of them had professional positions in Russia but unfortunately, neither of their skill sets could be put to use here. That didn’t stop them though. Ivan took a full-time job as a factory...

Total Cost - $207
Still Needed - $150
Funded - $57

In the past, Chaya, 32, worked as a cleaner, but her current emotional and mental state has made that impossible. Instead, about a year ago, Chaya moved herself and her two children (ages 10 and one) to her hometown. Despite having grown up in foster care and boarding schools, they...

Total Cost - $668
Still Needed - $109
Funded - $559

Meir’s story is tragic. Meir, now 25, has been recognized by social services since he was a child. He suffered from behavioral and emotional issues, as well as cognitive delays. Meir was eventually removed from his parents’ home and sent to learn in a school that specialized in children with...

Total Cost - $1667
Still Needed - $545
Funded - $1121

Keren, 27, has had a difficult life. She is divorced and raising two young children on her own. She was married to her oldest son’s father but discovered he was a drug addict, and the marriage ended in divorce. Her ex-husband has no contact with their son, aged 6, and...

Total Cost - $573
Still Needed - $518
Funded - $55

Miri, 22, is an amazing young woman. One of four children, her parents moved the family to the United States when her father fell into serious debt. The kids didn’t adjust well to life there and never settled into a routine. When they returned, the relationship between the parents and...

Total Cost - $1667
Still Needed - $1500
Funded - $167

Shani and Zack both work full time – she as an assistant pharmacist and he as an accounts manager at a small company. Unfortunately, their combined income is less than their monthly expenses, so they struggle financially. Both are looking for better paying, more interesting and more fulfilling jobs, but...

Total Cost - $955
Still Needed - $542
Funded - $412

Despite their hard work and best intentions, Sara and Meir Sivan are struggling to support their four children, ages 9 months-10 years. The couple’s respective backgrounds are complicated. Meir’s birth parents are deceased, and he was raised in a foster home. Despite his difficult beginnings, Meir, now 32, finished 10...

Total Cost - $792
Still Needed - $714
Funded - $79

Ariella and her brother, Erez, live in a small public housing unit. Their parents divorced seven years ago because their father was addicted to drugs and alcohol, habits which brought the family to financial crisis. Their mother died of cancer two and a half years ago. Ariella and Erez have...

Total Cost - $907
Still Needed - $462
Funded - $445

Because of his mental state, Maor, 30, is unable to help raise his children, ages seven, five and four months; it is hard for him to even spend much time with them. His mood swings and depression also make it impossible for him to work, and he sleeps most of...

Total Cost - $1018
Still Needed - $367
Funded - $652

Ariel, 26, is struggling to find himself. One of eight siblings, Ariel grew up in a religious home. His father is a teacher and his mother is a physiotherapist. At the age of 14, Ariel rebelled against his parents’ religious lifestyle and was put in a boarding school for troubled...

Total Cost - $761
Still Needed - $685
Funded - $76

The CORONA Relief Fund

for the benefit of individuals and families dealing with financial loss resulting from COVID-19

After consultations with our partner social workers in agencies around the country, Ten Gav has established the CORONA Relief Fund to deal with extraordinary circumstances created by the impact of the coronavirus.

Total Cost - $454545
Still Needed - $80526
Funded - $374020

Project ONWARD 2020

for the benefit of women in distress

Project ONWARD is an ongoing fund, created in order to address the needs of Israeli single mothers and young women who are attempting to overcome the challenges of poor housing conditions and inadequate resources and support. Project ONWARD funds basic needs (fridges, beds, ovens and washers), educational and vocational programs and computers that...

Total Cost - $53030
Still Needed - $39938
Funded - $13092

Project BOOST 2020

for the benefit of At-Risk Youth

Through our work with social services departments around the country we know how badly at-risk youth need our continuous support.  We have therefore established Project BOOST,  an ongoing fund, so that together, we can help them. The goals of Project BOOST are:  To empower at risk youth to complete schooling...

Total Cost - $53030
Still Needed - $36198
Funded - $16832
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