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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Rinat, 43, and Moshe, 39, are struggling. Both immigrants from Ethiopia, Rinat and Moshe are raising three young children, ages 4-11. Moshe is a factory worker, and Rinat is currently unemployed. She receives a disability stipend because she is visually impaired, but the two incomes don’t cover the family’s basic...

Total Cost - $ 1,516
Still Needed - $ 176
Funded - $ 1,340

Tikva, 27, has worked at a call center for the past two and a half years. Despite Corona, she tried to miss as few days as possible. Although her job is full-time, Tikva earns so little that she qualifies for both rent support and social security payments. Recently, Tikva and...

Total Cost - $ 717
Still Needed - $ 263
Funded - $ 454

Olga, 36, is living under very harsh circumstances. She and her husband, Nicholas, separated years ago, and he now lives on the street. The couple have no contact, nor does Nicholas have any relationship with their 14-year-old daughter, Mia. Olga and Mia now live with Olga’s partner, Victor. Mia learns...

Total Cost - $ 799
Still Needed - $ 466
Funded - $ 332

Nomi, 61, really needs our help. She is raising her adopted son Guy, now 14, on her own, and it isn’t easy. For many years, Nomi worked in the travel industry. Unfortunately, three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a year of chemotherapy and took medications...

Total Cost - $ 427
Still Needed - $ 380
Funded - $ 47

Chana, 49, is divorced and has four children. Two of her children are married and out of the house, one is a soldier and the fourth, who is partially disabled, is in 10th grade. Chana works from home as a cosmetician. With the arrival of Corona, she saw a major...

Total Cost - $ 1,369
Still Needed - $ 1,233
Funded - $ 136

Life is difficult right now for Tomer, 35, and Carni, 34. Carni suffers from numerous physical and psychological issues, including psoriasis, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. She cannot work because of her condition, yet she is recognized as only 52% disabled and receives no government stipend. As a result, the couple...

Total Cost - $ 1,336
Still Needed - $ 843
Funded - $ 493

Gila, 37, and Rafi, 51, tried to make their marriage work for many years. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the couple split up four months ago. They have four children, ages 7-18, whom they are raising together. Gila and Rafi have had financial troubles for years. Gila works as a...

Total Cost - $ 1,035
Still Needed - $ 934
Funded - $ 101

Noa and Barak’s story is quite sad. Barak, 36, is a recovering addict. He spent several stints in prison and is currently under psychiatric care. He cannot hold down a steady job. Barak’s situation leaves Noa, 31, alone to take care of their four young children (ages 2-10) and support...

Total Cost - $ 1,728
Still Needed - $ 1,557
Funded - $ 171

Hila, 24, is an inspiring young woman. Her parents divorced when she was three years old, and Hila lived with her mother. Over the years, Hila’s mother struggled to provide for her and her two brothers. From the age of 14, Hila worked in order to help cover expenses. Eventually,...

Total Cost - $ 763
Still Needed - $ 573
Funded - $ 190

Vered, 14, has had a complicated childhood. Her parents, both 43, are divorced, and her mother is remarried. Vered now has two young step-siblings. Vered’s mother, Anat, comes from a highly dysfunctional family. Today, she has no contact with her father who was abusive and an unstable relationship with her...

Total Cost - $ 427
Still Needed - $ 385
Funded - $ 41

Ronit, 43, and Michael, 40, are going through a particularly difficult time. Both previously married, they have three young children (ages 2-7) together. Michael has always been physically unwell, suffering from severe epilepsy. As a result, he cannot hold down a job, and Ronit has always been the sole breadwinner....

Total Cost - $ 1,741
Still Needed - $ 1,134
Funded - $ 606

Valerie, 36, is an impressive young woman. A single mother to two children (a 17-year-old and a baby), she has weathered a lot of storms and is determined to move forward with her life. Valerie’s daughter, Or, suffers from severe anemia and ADHD. She takes regular medication and is under...

Total Cost - $ 1,614
Still Needed - $ 1,455
Funded - $ 158
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