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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Hannah, 30, and Leon, 35, certainly have their hands full. Leon had a complicated upbringing. He immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe as a child. His parents were divorced, and his mother remained behind. Once in Israel with his father, Leon floated between boarding schools. It wasn’t an easy childhood....

Total Cost - $ 353
Still Needed - $ 320
Funded - $ 33

Hadar, 40, and Liran, 43, have four children (ages 5-18) and are struggling to make ends meet. Hadar works as a kindergarten assistant, and Liran is currently unemployed. They have heavy debts to repay and were recently forced to declare personal bankruptcy. As they try to sort out their financial...

Total Cost - $ 822
Still Needed - $ 502
Funded - $ 320

Sigal, 45, is going through a very difficult time. She and her husband had eight children together and, two years ago, they divorced. Today, Sigal is raising their children (ages 4-24) single-handedly. Six of them still live at home with her; two are currently serving in the IDF. Sigal’s ex-husband...

Total Cost - $ 1,070
Still Needed - $ 909
Funded - $ 160

Nurit, 39, and Mordy, 40, are in dire financial straits and need our help. Nurit works as a kindergarten assistant. Mordy was employed full-time until a work accident left him with a chronic back injury. He underwent surgery but hasn’t been able to return to work. His unemployment benefits have...

Total Cost - $ 547
Still Needed - $ 380
Funded - $ 167

For the past two years, nine-year-old Dekel has been dealing with his parents/ difficult divorce. He has experienced a deterioration in his concentration at school and anxiety regarding social interactions. As a result, he has been displaying physical violence towards those in his immediate surroundings. Dekel is being seen by...

Total Cost - $ 1,632
Still Needed - $ 1,469
Funded - $ 163

Nomi’s story is sad. At 65, Nomi is divorced and living with her 35-year-old son, Benny, in a government-subsidized apartment. Benny has psychological issues that prevent him from working, and Nomi supports him financially. She herself suffers from various physical ailments thereby limiting her ability to work as well. Her...

Total Cost - $ 504
Still Needed - $ 454
Funded - $ 50

Chaim, 48, had a very difficult and unstable childhood. He moved from boarding school to boarding school and was exposed to drugs at a very young age. Eventually, Chaim became a drug addict and spent a sum total of 25 years in prison. He would use drugs, get arrested, do...

Total Cost - $ 458
Still Needed - $ 414
Funded - $ 45

Sarit, 45, and Leon, 51, are going through a very rough time. Leon worked steadily as a truck driver for many years. A former drug addict, Leon eventually lost his license and, therefore, his job as well. During his years of unemployment, the family fell deeply into debt. Sarit worked...

Total Cost - $ 394
Still Needed - $ 356
Funded - $ 39

Sivan, 35, is raising three young children (ages 3-8) on her own. All three have been diagnosed with developmental delays and are in special needs programs. Sivan herself had a difficult childhood. She regularly witnessed violence between her parents and was eventually sent to boarding school. Both of her parents...

Total Cost - $ 914
Still Needed - $ 823
Funded - $ 91

Yochi, 27, is going through a very difficult time. She and her husband, Rafi, got married three years ago. They had two children, now ages 1.5 and 6 months. Both Yochi and Rafi worked outside of the home. Last year, Rafi was arrested and had to serve prison time. When...

Total Cost - $ 303
Still Needed - $ 273
Funded - $ 30

Alon, 41, is struggling to make ends meet. Alon and his ex-wife have two children. Since the divorce, both of the kids have lived with their mother. Recently, however, Liran, 13, moved in with Alon. It hasn’t been a simple adjustment. Ten years ago, Alon’s independent food business shut down....

Total Cost - $ 338
Still Needed - $ 306
Funded - $ 33

Neta, 34, and Aryeh, 37, are doing their very best to support their family. Each of them works outside of the home – Neta as an emotional therapist and Aryeh as an aide at a rehabilitation center for children. Despite their hard work, they struggle to meet the daily needs...

Total Cost - $ 1,070
Still Needed - $ 201
Funded - $ 868
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