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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Darya, 33, is bringing up three young children (ages 12-15) on her own. Darya divorced her husband ten years ago because he was physically and emotionally abusive. The last time he attacked her, she ended up in the emergency room in critical condition. That’s when she knew she had to...

Total Cost - $ 1,347
Still Needed - $ 1,192
Funded - $ 155

Kfir, 23, and Naama, 24, are in dire circumstances. Together, they are raising two young daughters, ages 2 and 3, and Naama is in her fifth month of pregnancy. Kfir suffers from diabetes and two herniated discs in his back. Because of his physical issues, he hasn’t been able to...

Total Cost - $ 404
Still Needed - $ 246
Funded - $ 159

Bella, 85, is living in a public housing unit with her 55-year-old unemployed son. Bella’s physical and mental capabilities are deteriorating, and she now has a full-time caregiver through the government. Bella spends most of her day at home in a wheelchair. Her apartment has no heat or air conditioning....

Total Cost - $ 778
Still Needed - $ 574
Funded - $ 205

Shani, 33, and Gidon, 36, are going through a rough time. The couple is raising three young children, ages 4-10, on a very tight budget. Shani doesn’t work outside of the home; Gidon has an independent business as a graphic designer but since the Corona crisis hit, business has been...

Total Cost - $ 1,572
Still Needed - $ 1,095
Funded - $ 477

Liran, 19, is an inspiring young man. Liran’s father has chronic health issues. For the past ten years his physical condition has impacted his ability to work and, six years ago, he stopped working altogether. He receives monthly disability payments. Liran’s mother works as a teacher’s assistant and earns a...

Total Cost - $ 1,599
Still Needed - $ 999
Funded - $ 600

Dalia, 57, and Nissim, 48, have five children (ages 16-30). Dalia is unemployed, while Nissim works in a factory. The couple struggles to make ends meet each month. Dalia and Nissim live in a small, dilapidated apartment with two of their children. Their 22-year-old daughter, Rotem, lives in a youth...

Total Cost - $ 1,497
Still Needed - $ 1,349
Funded - $ 148

Rina, 39, and Gilad, 43, are going through a very rough time. Rina suffers from fibromyalgia, obesity, diabetes, chronic migraines and anxiety disorder. She receives a monthly disability stipend and is also entitled with regular sessions with a social worker. Gilad is also unwell; he too has been diagnosed with...

Total Cost - $ 404
Still Needed - $ 187
Funded - $ 218

Reut, 44, is struggling to raise her three children (ages 8-14) on her own. Reut’s husband died suddenly in a car accident, and the family is still processing the trauma. Reut is having trouble finding work due to a number of physical and emotional issues. She is working with social...

Total Cost - $ 1,048
Still Needed - $ 943
Funded - $ 105

Galit, 31, is determined to stand on her own two feet. Galit and her partner separated three years ago. Together, they have four children (now ages 3-7) whom she is now raising on her own. Galit herself grew up in a very unstable home and never earned a university degree...

Total Cost - $ 1,599
Still Needed - $ 306
Funded - $ 1,293

Alona, 28, is developmentally impaired as a result of Down’s Syndrome. She is quite high-functioning and can handle most daily activities independently, She does have trouble dealing with finances, cannot navigate public transportation or hold down a job. Alona volunteers once a week in a kindergarten but, otherwise, spends most...

Total Cost - $ 345
Still Needed - $ 313
Funded - $ 32

Tal, 37, is divorced and raising her three-year-old son on her own. Two years ago, Tal turned to social services for help in dealing with her abusive husband. She attended sessions with her social worker regularly and slowly came to the conclusion that she needed to end her marriage. In...

Total Cost - $ 689
Still Needed - $ 548
Funded - $ 140

Tamara, 29, and Eran, 26, are trying to build a life together, along with their two-year-old son, Yarden. Eran suffers from autism but is extremely high-functioning. He works as an assistant in a day care center for the disabled. He also receives a monthly disability stipend. Tamara, who has been...

Total Cost - $ 656
Still Needed - $ 408
Funded - $ 247
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