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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Some people just need a little help overcoming small hurdles on their path to success. Revital, 30, is one of those individuals. Married with two young children (ages 3 and 5), Revital has had some temporary setbacks in life. A number of years ago, Revital underwent an accident that left...

Total Cost - $ 1,632
Still Needed - $ 1,469
Funded - $ 163

Tahel and Haggai are raising four young children (5 months – 8) and struggle to make ends meet each month. Haggai has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and is unable to work; he receives a monthly disability stipend. Tahel has not worked since the birth of her fourth child, as...

Total Cost - $ 1,128
Still Needed - $ 1,015
Funded - $ 113

Hadas, 26, and Tomer, 27, are struggling to support their three young children, ages 2-5. Both Hadas and Tomer had complicated upbringings and have no family support. Tomer is a former drug addict who still deals with anger management issues. He also has various physical ailments, including chronic pain, which...

Total Cost - $ 917
Still Needed - $ 828
Funded - $ 89

Chaim, 51, is in dire financial straits and needs our help. Chaim suffers from both physical and psychological issues and cannot work outside of the home; he survives on a monthly disability stipend. Chaim and his wife divorced a number of years ago. She received custody of their nine children...

Total Cost - $ 1,620
Still Needed - $ 1,460
Funded - $ 160

Liel and Carmi desperately need our help. Together, they are raising three young children (ages 3-15) and are struggling to make ends meet. Stav, the couple’s youngest child, was born prematurely. She suffers from both developmental delays and physical issues, and the cost of her medications, therapies and hospitalizations are...

Total Cost - $ 338
Still Needed - $ 176
Funded - $ 162

Dana, 38, and Rafi, 52, are doing their very best to raise their five daughters (ages 4-17) with dignity. Both Dana and Rafi are recovered drug addicts; Dana has been clean for 15+ years and Rafi, for 5. They are determined to pick up the pieces of their life and...

Total Cost - $ 443
Still Needed - $ 396
Funded - $ 47

Mira, 21, is an inspiring young woman. One of nine siblings, Mira was raised in an ultra-Orthodox home. Her mother is disabled and receives a monthly government stipend, and her father works as a bus driver. As a child, Mira suffered severe burns from hot oil. She was hospitalized for...

Total Cost - $ 536
Still Needed - $ 445
Funded - $ 92

Sima, 42, has been divorced for nine years; her and her ex-husband have three children, ages 11-17. Their divorce left Sima and her children in an emotional and financial turmoil. Their lives were made even more chaotic three years ago when Sima’s ex-husband was imprisoned for a year. They are...

Total Cost - $ 333
Still Needed - $ 121
Funded - $ 213

The Harel family desperately needs our help. Miriam and Yehuda, both 41, are raising seven children, ages 3-16. Miriam works as a cook in a day-care center; Yehuda works independently as a Torah scribe. They have struggled financially over the years, and social services has helped them wherever possible. Three...

Total Cost - $ 1,375
Still Needed - $ 1,159
Funded - $ 217

Lital, 59, recently immigrated to Israel from South America. She has been separated from her husband for many years, and he and their two children live abroad. Lital has a degree in psychology but has not been able to find a job here as her degree isn’t recognized, and she...

Total Cost - $ 333
Still Needed - $ 301
Funded - $ 33

Michal, 38, is raising five children (ages 8-16) on her own. Michal and her husband divorced two years ago; she is now in therapy in order to rehabilitate after an abusive marriage. The therapy is expensive, but Michal knows that its vital in order to move forward with her life....

Total Cost - $ 1,039
Still Needed - $ 935
Funded - $ 104

Kfir, an innocent 4-year-old boy, needs our help. Kfir and his twin sister, Talia, were born prematurely. Talia is developing normally, but Kfir is developmentally delayed and has been diagnosed with autism. Yael, the twins’ mother, stopped working during her high-risk pregnancy. She hasn’t gone back to work since she...

Total Cost - $ 1,100
Still Needed - $ 805
Funded - $ 295
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