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Read these personal stories brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. The names of all applicants have been changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social worker and agency are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

37-year-old Zohar and 35-year-old Tehila have four children (ages 12, 9, 6, 4). Zohar works full time as a truck driver. In order to maximize his salary, he sometimes leaves the house at four in the morning and returns only late at night. Nonetheless, his earnings are too low to...

Total Cost - $406
Still Needed - $367
Funded - $39

63-year-old Lily stays awake nights worrying that her 26-year old autistic son, Meir, can’t sleep on his unstable bed and worn out mattress. She has 10 children, but Meir is the only one living at home. The others are rarely around and, despite their mother’s desperate financial straits, they do...

Total Cost - $583
Still Needed - $425
Funded - $158

Tomer is a 29-year old single man who suffers from a host of medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, depression, acute pain and orthopedic problems.  He lives with his mother, who herself is quite ill with diabetes. Tomer immigrated to Israel from Romania with his parents when he was three. While...

Total Cost - $1528
Still Needed - $1369
Funded - $158

8-year-old Ephraim’s life has changed significantly since his parents’ divorce five years ago. He hand his brother have bounced from house to house, sometimes living with their mother (who has not functioned well in years), with their father (who lives with his parents), or with their great-grandfather Ephraim stutters, takes...

Total Cost - $758
Still Needed - $574
Funded - $184

39-year-old Sasha immigrated from Belarus in his twenties. Never did he imagine that he would be struck by advanced multiple sclerosis. The disease has ravaged his body, confined him to a wheelchair, and made him dependent on his devoted wife,Tanya, for help with everything. In addition to being Sasha’s primary...

Total Cost - $1459
Still Needed - $0
Funded - $1458

Katya, 38, raises her four daughters on her own, since her divorce several years ago. Her ex-husband does not pay child support and is not in touch with the family. Katya works as an aide to the elderly, but does not earn enough to make ends meet. All four girls...

Total Cost - $1021
Still Needed - $921
Funded - $100

Ortal is a single mother raising three children on her own. She suffers from fibromyalgia, severe migraines and meningitis, all of which prevent her from working. In addition, she supports her 18-year old son Kobe who was born with Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), a disease that causes fevers, inflammation of...

Total Cost - $726
Still Needed - $441
Funded - $285

Nofar is a highly motivated 24-year-old graphic design student at at a top university in Israel. She and her parents had a falling-out when they did not support her decision to enlist in the army. They have not been in contact since. After the army, Nofar began her university studies...

Total Cost - $1356
Still Needed - $1223
Funded - $133

Project ONWARD 2019

for the benefit of women in distress

Project ONWARD is an ongoing fund, created in order to address the needs of Israeli single mothers and young women who are attempting to overcome the challenges of poor housing conditions and inadequate resources and support. Project ONWARD funds basic needs (fridges, beds, ovens and washers), educational and vocational programs and computers that...

Total Cost - $50000
Still Needed - $30191
Funded - $19809

Project BOOST 2019

for the benefit of At-Risk Youth

Through our work with social services departments around the country we know how badly at-risk youth need our continuous support.  We have therefore established Project BOOST,  an ongoing fund, so that together, we can help them. The goals of Project BOOST are:  To empower at risk youth to complete schooling...

Total Cost - $50000
Still Needed - $34343
Funded - $15657

Project RESPECT 2019

for the benefit of elderly Ethiopians

We’d like you to meet Moran and Dinah! Moran Yosef is the director of the Seniors Center for Elderly Ethiopian Immigrants (Ha’Moadon le’kshishei Yotz’ei Ethiopia) in Hadera and Dinah is the sports director. There are approximately 600 elderly Ethiopians living in Hadera. In our work with the municipal social services department over the...

Total Cost - $37500
Still Needed - $36710
Funded - $790
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