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Personal stories are brought to us by social services professionals around Israel. All applicants' names and some personal details are changed to protect individual privacy. The names of the verifying social workers and agencies are real. Photographs are illustrative only.

Each year, as summer vacation approaches, the Social Services Agencies with whom we partner reach out to us with the same message:  “Summertime is an overwhelmingly stressful time for our clients!” Working parents become desperate without the school system’s structure and struggle to find funds to keep their children occupied...

Total Cost - USD 118,953
Still Needed - USD 97,277
Funded - USD 21,676

Since October 7, the children of Ashkelon have been living with ongoing fear and anxiety stemming from the traumatic events they’ve endured. Following the heavy barrage of rocket fire – over 240 direct hits on their city – the residents, particularly these children, faced profound trauma. Their school schedules were...

Total Cost - USD 15,860
Still Needed - USD 4,716
Funded - USD 11,145

Orly, 46, and Dov, 49, are raising their 4 children as best as they can. Orly suffered a number of strokes over the past few years, and she is now paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. She is currently studying towards a degree and also works a side job in order to earn...

Total Cost - USD 1,361
Still Needed - USD 1,079
Funded - USD 283

Galia, 52, has been divorced for many years and has four grown children. Galia’s medical condition is rather dire; she suffers from, among other ailments, diabetes, vertigo and a herniated disc. She survives on a monthly disability stipend and with assistance from Social Services. Recently, Galia moved from a furnished...

Total Cost - USD 596
Still Needed - USD 538
Funded - USD 58

Rachel is a very impressive woman. She is a single mother to three young children; the oldest, Niv, suffers from a genetic disease, as well as developmental delays. He is wheelchair-bound and needs round-the-clock supervision. Over the years, Rachel tried her hardest to care for Niv at home. Because of...

Total Cost - USD 1,361
Still Needed - USD 1,094
Funded - USD 267

Galia, 35, is struggling to make ends meet and needs a helping hand. After years of being physically abused, Galia finally divorced her husband six years ago. After her divorce, Galia spent time living on the streets and bouncing between various relatives. She was eventually granted a government-subsidized apartment where...

Total Cost - USD 340
Still Needed - USD 193
Funded - USD 147

Nina, 51, is a single mother to five children, ages 11-29. Two of her adult children live on their own; her 28-year-old daughter, however, has emotional issues and lives with Nina, along with her two-year-old daughter. Nina moved to Israel from Ethiopia 20+ years ago. For years, she worked full-time...

Total Cost - USD 490
Still Needed - USD 231
Funded - USD 259

Shai, 19, had a difficult childhood but is determined to build a stable and independent future for himself. He deserves our help. Shai and his two brothers grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. Their father died a few years ago, and, since then, they have been raised by their mother....

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 1,182
Funded - USD 272

Omer, 25, is a single father to Tal, aged 7. Omer and his ex-wife, Mira, married very young. Tal was born soon after, and the young couple struggled to raise him properly. Tal has severe ADHD and proved to be quite a handful. When Tal was a year old, Omer...

Total Cost - USD 297
Still Needed - USD 268
Funded - USD 29

Lital, 35, and Roi, 36, are going through a very rough time and need our help. Lital suffers from numerous chronic health issues, including cancer, fibromyalgia and a herniated disc. In addition, she is being treated for depression. Lital has been recognized as 100% disabled and receives a monthly government...

Total Cost - USD 838
Still Needed - USD 690
Funded - USD 148

Limor, 35, is single and lives with her father. Limor has always felt responsible for her parents and cared for them devotedly over the years. Four years ago, Limor’s mother passed away from cancer. Limor’s emotional state declined, and she began having trouble functioning on a day-to-day basis. To make...

Total Cost - USD 624
Still Needed - USD 563
Funded - USD 61

Sigal, 28, and Tom, 29, are raising three young children (ages 5-10); their oldest, Erez, is autistic and needs round-the-clock supervision. Sigal works part time as an aide in a nursing home. She suffers from psychological/emotional issues due to a traumatic childhood but is trying to move forward with her...

Total Cost - USD 1,089
Still Needed - USD 983
Funded - USD 106
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