Beds for Revital and her children

Total Cost - USD 695
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 695

Revital, 37, is a single mother living in Beit Shemesh. She faces the demanding task of raising her two children, Avi, 5, and David, 4, all on her own.

Avi, has been diagnosed with Autism and has other significant health challenges that pose a barrier to Revital holding a full-time job. Additionally, David, has been diagnosed with ADHD and faces communication difficulties. He is enrolled in a special preschool program designed to support his development.

Revital’s ex-husband left her during her pregnancy with their second son. As of now, Revital is the sole provider for her sons, receiving no assistance or financial support from him. He does not maintain regular contact with their children and fails to contribute to their well-being. Revital sustains her family on a meager income from her part-time job at a nursing home, as well as, the disability pension allocated for Avi.

Their living conditions are far from ideal. Revital and her boys live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Revital sleeps in the living room on a pull-out couch. Most nights she sleeps alongside her boys, as their beds are thin, broken, and not suitable for sleeping.

We want to assist Revital and her children in finally getting a good night’s sleep by buying comfortable and age-appropriate beds for the children.

Our goal is to purchase a bed that can be transformed into two separate beds, providing a much-needed upgrade to their living situation.

Verified by: Rachel Rubbashi, Department of Social Services, Beit Shemesh | Case No.: 230780
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