Yoga course for Miri

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Miri, 22, is an amazing young woman.

In 9th grade, Miri was moved to a boarding school due to the various problems at home. Initially, she seemed to integrate there beautifully. After some time though, she developed a serious eating disorder which soon led to anorexia. At the end of the year, she moved back home and slowly reached a normal weight. She battled the disorder on her own and never received help from her family or professionals.

A year ago, Miri’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Miri had a very hard time dealing with this reality. Realizing that she couldn’t continue to deal with her problems on her own, she finally sought outside help. She turned to an organization that assists youth at risk and began to turn her life around.

After high school, Miri studied dance and, at the same time, earned money performing with a dance troupe. On the side, she taught herself yoga as well. She slowly began to pay off some of the debts she had incurred over the years.

With the arrival of the Corona crisis, Miri lost her work as a dancer but eventually found work as a credit card salesperson at a supermarket. Miri is an intelligent, self-aware, sensitive and motivated young woman. She is determined to improve her circumstances despite her very difficult upbringing. Miri would like to take a course to become a yoga teacher, thereby developing one of her talents. She already has a deal with a local gym that has agreed to hire her once she has her teaching certificate. In order to recognize her potential and achieve her dreams, Miri needs help paying for her course

Verified by: Moria Malachi, The Yated Program, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200381
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