Window for Dov’s Bedroom

Total Cost - $ 711
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 711

Rachel, 40, is a single mother to two young kids. Her daughter, Kayla, 7, has ADD, learning delays, difficulty articulating, anxiety attacks, and low self-esteem. Her 10-year old son, Dov is autistic, and has recently returned to his special education school after several months in a psychiatric hospital.

Rachel has an independent business as a cosmetician, but her had to limit her hours severely in order to be with Dov in the hospital. This has had a negative impact on her finances. To try to make up the gap, she has taken a second job, as an aide in a daycare, but this salary is very low.

Her former husband refuses to pay any child support. In a burst of anger, Dov knocked out the window of his bedroom. Rachel cannot afford the repair, so the room is currently unusable. Because of this, Rachel has started to sleep in Kayla’s room, so that Dov can have hers. This situation is bad for everyone, but is the only option until the window is fixed.*

*In Israel every apartment has a “Mamad” , a secured room. These have taken the place of bomb shelters. Dov’s room is the Mamad. The repair of this special window is particularly expensive.

Verified by: Ronit Mori, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 180276
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