The Computer Fund 2023

Total Cost - $ 197,368
Still Needed - $ 185,214
Funded - $ 12,155

In 2023 the computer is a basic need.

 Israel is sometimes called “the technology capital of the world.” However, thousands of Israeli children do not have access to a device for remote classroom learning, homework, and assignments or to access additional learning materials.

The need to get computers to students who do not have them is critical.  Lack of access to technology will perpetuate and intensify the existing inequities in our society.

Ten Gav has become “THE” address to whom social workers turn to provide computers for students.  Our mission is to continue to identify those who do not have access to computers and to provide them with this basic need.

The Computer Fund was officially launched in 2022 and we have distributed over 570 computers in the past year.

Read our report here.  


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