Washing machine for Stav

Total Cost - USD 475
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 475

Stav, 29, is a highly capable woman and an extraordinarily devoted mother to four young children, ages 3-8.

Two years ago, Stav and her husband divorced; he hasn’t been in touch with his children in months and pays child support only occasionally. For the most part, Stav supports herself and her children on her monthly income as a kindergarten teacher.

A few months ago, Stav joined a social services program that gives financial and professional guidance to families looking to break their cycle of poverty. Stav is determined to give her children a stable and dignified upbringing.

In the meantime, Stav needs a helping hand. The family’s washing machine is broken beyond repair. Currently, Stav takes her washing to her brother’s house, 15 minutes away. With four young children at home, this is an untenable solution. A new washing machine would go a long way towards improving Stav’s quality of life.

Verified by: Dalia Maharal Shesatsky, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 220896
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