Washing machine for Shira and Yosef

Total Cost - USD 255
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 255

Shira, 23, is a remarkable young woman.

Shira grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home.
During her high school years, Shira began rebelling against her parents’ lifestyle and displaying at-risk behavior.

At age 17, she was sent to a home for at-risk youth from ultra-Orthodox families; there, she continued her delinquent behavior. She often disappeared for long periods and began abusing drugs and alcohol.

After hitting rock bottom, Shira decided it was time to take her life in her hands. She began intensive therapy and rehab. She was determined to leave her past behind and build herself a stable and independent future.

With the help of a social services program, Shira found a job as a medical secretary. She showed herself to be highly capable, dependable and motivated.

This progress wasn’t enough for Shira, though. She has now decided that she wants to study towards a degree in Occupational Therapy so that she can build a professional path. She will soon begin her first semester of classes.

Shira is also getting married next month. She is in a stable and loving relationship, and the couple is looking forward to building a life together.

Neither Shira nor her fiancee, Yosef, have family support. In addition, Shira has had to cut back her work hours in order to accommodate her studies.

As they set out on their life together, Shira and Yosef deserve a helping hand. They have an apartment but cannot afford to outfit it with electrical appliances. If they could get help buying a washing machine, they would be one step closer to an easier beginning.

Verified by: Hadasa Peretz, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 220302
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