Washing Machine for Rina

Total Cost - $ 258
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 258

To all appearances, Rina, 56, is all set, financially. She lives in a pretty apartment with nice furniture. She keeps it all clean, orderly, and appealing. But it turns out that Rina’s husband supplied it all from his criminal business. He was abusive to her for years and spent time in jail because of it.

The home is not in her name, and currently, it is the subject of a fight between her landlord and her former husband. Rina already suffers from fears and anxiety, and not knowing where she will be living soon only makes these worse.

Rina has other medical issues as well, from difficulty breathing to pain in her back and feet. A couple of years ago, she needed surgery for a cerebral aneurism. These problems keep her from working, so she relies on handicapped benefits, which do not cover her current needs. Rina’s old washing machine recently broke but she does not have the budget with which to replace it.

Verified by: Dana Taibi, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 190368
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