Washing machine for Nurit and Mordy

Total Cost - USD 461
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 461

Nurit, 39, and Mordy, 40, are in dire financial straits and need our help.

Nurit works as a kindergarten assistant. Mordy was employed full-time until a work accident left him with a chronic back injury. He underwent surgery but hasn’t been able to return to work. His unemployment benefits have run out but so far, he has not been approved for disability.

Both Nurit and Mordy were put on unpaid leave during the Corona pandemic. This left them financially strapped and forced them into debt. As soon as Mordy went back to work, he had his accident. Things have spiraled downward ever since.

Nurit and Mordy and their three young children (ages 4-8) are living in a tiny, two-room apartment. Because of lack of space, the three children sleep with Nurit in one bed, and Mordy sleeps on the living room sofa. The couple has applied for a rent subsidy in order to move into a bigger apartment but so far, it hasn’t come through.

To add to their troubles, the family’s washing machine recently broke and cannot be fixed. With three young children at home, Nurit and Mordy desperately need a new machine.

Verified by: Limor Hertzman, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 220401
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