Washing Machine for Edna

Total Cost - $ 357
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 357
When her husband was sentenced to 12 years in jail, the burden of running the household and caring for their three children fell on Edna’s shoulders. She is doing the very best she can under difficult circumstances. The government does pay her a stipend so that the family can subsist, but it is insufficient to cover even their basic expenses, like housing, education, food, water, and electricity, and they have no other earnings. Edna is now in the process of getting a divorce and is trying to raise the children well. She works very hard to set a good example of how to manage, but the circumstances are difficult. Recently, their 12-year old washing machine failed and, according to the technician, is beyond repair. Edna does not have the money to purchase a new one. Managing without it has only added to her burdens.
Verified by: Limaz Esther Biton, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 180112
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