Washing machine for Carni

Total Cost - USD 297
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 297

Carni, 28, would like to restart her life. Carni is divorced and raising two young children, ages 3 and 1, on her own.

Carni graduated high school and completed her National Service. She got married and had two babies. Her husband was physically unwell and refused to take care of himself. After much deliberation, Carni realized she had to leave him in order to build a stable life for her children.

For a year, Carni’s husband refused to grant her a divorce. Finally, a month ago, he relented. Carni moved down south with her children in order to start over.

Carni left with nothing from her old home, and her new apartment is completely unfurnished. Carni works for a non-profit organization but has no money for extras.
Her most pressing need right now is a washing machine. No mother of two toddlers should have to live without one.

Carni is a young, working mother with the determination to build a better future for her children. With a little bit of help, she will hopefully fulfill that dream.

Verified by: Ilanit Levi, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 210843
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