Washing machine for Alona

Total Cost - USD 297
Still Needed - USD -3
Funded - USD 299

Alona, 35, is an impressive young woman who needs a helping hand.

At the age of five, Alona immigrated from Ethiopia with her parents. She is a single mother to three young children; their father is in touch with them but offers no financial support.

Over the years, Alona has worked full-time in order to support her family without accepting outside help. She forgoes her own needs in order to attend to her children’s. Despite all of her best efforts, however, she struggles to make ends meet.

At the moment, Alona’s most pressing need is a new washing machine. Her old, second-hand machine is broken beyond repair, and she cannot afford to replace it.

If she had a working washing machine, there is no doubt that Alona’s quality of life would greatly improve.

Verified by: Dana Taibi, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 220654
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