Tuition for Tikva

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,454

Tikva, 28, comes from an Ethiopian immigrant family and despite the many challenges she has faced over the years, she has taken some bold steps to move forward in her life.

During her national service Tikva worked as an aide in a day care center, where she was an excellent teacher and found great joy and self-confidence. Although, in an attempt to leave her family’s crowded three-room apartment she tried to live with a roommate in a rented apartment, she was forced to move back home because her salary was not sufficient to cover her rent and help to support her parents and seven siblings, something she felt obliged to do.

Now  she is ready to move on and wants to study event planning and design. Tikva cannot afford the course on her own.   She is eager to study and try to build a career in a field that she loves, but without tuition, she cannot take the first steps toward fulfilling her dream.

Verified by: Mor Naor Tiram, Department of Social Services for Youth and Young People, Netanya | Case No.: 200046
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