Tuition for Noam

Total Cost - $ 866
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 866

Shira, 33, and Ofir, 29, are facing dire financial circumstances. Shira was working as an assistant in a gan, but after giving birth twice in three years, she couldn’t find a job. The couple’s first child, Noam, was born healthy. Their second child, Eran, was born prematurely and suffers from a respiratory condition and development delays. After his birth, Shira had to dedicate herself to his care.

Ofir has always been a hard and motivated worker. He worked at a Judaica shop everyday from 7:00-18:00. He is also an incredibly dedicated family man. Unfortunately, with the onset of the Corona crisis, he was put on unpaid leave. If the family suffered financial hardships before, they are now living way below the poverty line. Their only income is a small unemployment stipend and a disability stipend for Eran. The family depends on the goodwill of neighbors, shopkeepers and social services in order to put food on the table.

Though Noam’s gan has recently reopened, Shira and Ofir cannot afford the tuition. They asked the gan to hold his place until Ofir finds a job, but they refused. Shira and Ofir would like help covering two months of gan payments so that they can try to get back on their feet. They certainly seem to have the determination to do just that.

Verified by: Galit Chichek, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East - Achvah | Case No.: 200295
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