Tuition for Kobi

Total Cost - $ 813
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 813

Kobi, 24, is an inspirational young man. Kobi’s parents, who have seven children, divorced many years ago.
Kobi had an unstable childhood. He attended three different boarding schools, developed a drug addiction, and had his driving license revoked three times.

Kobi has now been clean of drugs for over two years. Today, he has no contact with this father whom he describes as harsh and overbearing. He is in touch with his mother and his siblings, but they are in no shape to help him financially.

Three months ago, Kobi moved up North to distance himself from his father who had been harassing him. He has a steady job working at a supermarket but also has many expenses. In addition to his rent and cost of living, Kobi has a bank debt that needs to be paid off. He recently began a course to become certified as a home appliance technician and would also like to take driving lessons in order to renew his license.

Kobi is a motivated young man who wants to take control of his future. He possesses great inner strength and there is no doubt that he will succeed at rebuilding his life. If he can get help paying for his professional course, he will be one step closer to realizing his dreams.

Verified by: Amani Zidani, Yated - North | Case No.: 210063
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