Emergency Relief Fund – Swords of Iron

Total Cost - USD 549,149
Still Needed - USD 183,790
Funded - USD 365,359


As the war in Israel continues, we remain concerned for the safety of all Israelis and the well-being of our brave soldiers on the frontlines. Your support and concern are genuinely a source of comfort for all of Israel.

Since October 7, thanks to your support, we have been able to help over 1400 Israelis directly affected by the ongoing war in Israel. 

We assisted evacuees in finding safe accommodation, provided laptops to children and university students to continue their studies, and supplied tablets to the elderly and special needs adults to stay connected with the outside world. Recently, we extended assistance to elderly and ill Kiryat Shmona residents who cannot adhere to mandatory evacuation orders. 

We constantly communicate with our social services partners in the hard-hit communities in the North and the South of Israel. These dedicated professionals are on the ground, ensuring that we grasp the urgent needs of those directly impacted by the crisis.

  • We are providing mental health support to those who witnessed the traumatic events of October 7th and the weeks following. In collaboration with Social Services in Netanya, Ten Gav is funding a 12-month therapeutic program to 40 survivors of the Nova Festival, helping them heal from the traumas they experienced.
  • We recently launched, in cooperation with Merkaz HaChesed in Ashkelon, a program to assess trauma in children currently not exhibiting symptoms, in order to evaluate and assess the need for early intervention. Read about it here.
  • We launched a summer campaign that will fund summer camps and pool memberships for over 1,500 children: Eleven agencies from around the country, including Netivot, Dimona, and Ofakim, have requested assistance for camp tuition and pool memberships for the children of their clients. Many of these children have experienced trauma related to the war.


In times like these, your solidarity is a true source of hope. Your trust and support enable us to fulfill our joint mission and make a meaningful impact on the ground.

As always, Ten Gav is committed to providing you with as much information as possible through our regular communications. If you wish to learn more, you can subscribe to our newsletter or email us at admin@tengav.org.


Naomi and Vivi


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