Emergency Relief Fund – Swords of Iron

Total Cost - USD 500,000
Still Needed - USD 187,670
Funded - USD 312,330


Dark and bitter days have descended upon us.

We are all concerned for the safety of all Israelis and the well-being of our brave soldiers on the frontlines.  Your support and concern are genuinely a source of comfort for all of Israel.

We are in constant contact with our social services partners in the hard-hit communities in the South  – Netivot, Dimona, Sderot, Ofaqim,  Ashkelon, and Ashdod.  These dedicated professionals are on the ground, ensuring we understand the urgent needs of those directly impacted by the crisis and turning to us for help.  We gather information daily and collaborate with our partners on immediate needs while planning, to the extent possible, for the long term.

In times like these, your solidarity is a true source of hope. Your trust and support enable us to fulfill our joint mission and make a meaningful impact on the ground.

As always, Ten Gav is committed to providing you with as much information as possible through our regular communications.  If you wish to learn more or be added to our newsletter list, please email us at admin@tengav.org.

Naomi & Vivi

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