Tuition for Hannah

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,519

Even as a young girl, Hannah had big dreams. She recognized the importance of an education and of helping others. Though she came from an impoverished family that struggled with alcoholism and abuse, Hannah was determined to succeed in school and to eventually earn a respectable living.

Because her parents had no ability to help her, Hannah worked to save money that she could put toward university studies. She is now studying for a degree in health systems management and hopes to earn a nursing degree as well. Hannah has continued to work, in conjunction with her classes, in order to stay in school. But unfortunately, she isn’t earning enough to cover both her living expenses and her tuition.

She needs some financial help now in order to earn her degrees and give back, as she has always dreamed of doing.

Verified by: Uziel Unger, Otzma Center | Case No.: 200041
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