Tuition for Rina

Total Cost - $ 623
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 623

Rina, 19, grew up in a home where finances were always extremely tight. Her mother, a daycare aide, and her father, a temp worker, struggled to raise seven children on very low incomes. Rina is determined to leave this cycle of poverty. She is talented and motivated. In order to fulfill her goal, Rina has chosen to study software engineering, which she believes will allow her to earn a steady and respectable income. Rina has long been responsible for covering even her most basic needs and has therefore always held after-school jobs. The requirements of a demanding degree, however, have made it impossible for her to continue to work. She is now struggling to provide for herself, as well as to pay her tuition. If Rina cannot cover her tuition costs, she will be unable to reach her dream of a dignified life that does not rely on public assistance.

Verified by: Yael Yitzhak, Yated | Case No.: 210254
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