Tuition for Dina

Total Cost - USD 1,013
Still Needed - USD 913
Funded - USD 100

Dina and her sister grew up in a very observant home. They attended religious schools where learning English was not part of the curriculum. Six years ago, after years of tension and arguments that made home life very stressful, Dina’s parents divorced. Her mother moved the two girls to a new neighborhood where they could live a non-religious lifestyle. Their father and his family cut off all contact with them. He pays no child support, and they have not heard from him in over five years.

Dina found the transition to a new school difficult. She struggled in her classes and found it difficult to make friends. Despite this, she finished high school and completed her full Army service. Dina, 23, is now enrolled in a college accounting program. In order to receive her degree, Dina must complete an English language course.

Both Dina and her mother were recently laid off from their jobs and cannot afford the extra tuition that Dina needs. Taking this course and finishing her degree will give Dina the ability to pursue a better life.

Verified by: Polina Pastecki, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200179
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