Tuition for Daniel

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,454

Daniel’s father is a salesman who was put on unpaid leave because of Corona. His mom works as a cosmetician. Together, they barely make enough to cover their family’s day-to-day expenses.
Daniel, 17, didn’t take to his parents’ religious lifestyle. He didn’t enjoy school and became violent, often bullying the other students.

But now Daniel is beginning to turn his life around. He participated in a special school program geared towards troubled children. There Daniel flourished. He finished all his bagruyot and was head of the Student Council. He now has good relations with his family who have come to accept his lifestyle. He accepts theirs as well.

Daniel’s dream is to join an elite fighting unit in the Army. He knows, however, how important it is to enter the army fully prepared – mentally, physically and emotionally. To make this happen, he would like to attend a pre-military academy. Unfortunately, there’s no room for this in his parents’ budget.

Verified by: Ella Florshaim, The Yated Program, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200311
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