Tuition for Dalia

Total Cost - USD 1,366
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,366

Dalia, 21, grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. One of seven children, Dalia’s parents divorced many years ago. She has no contact with her father, who doesn’t provide any financial support to the family. Dalia and her younger brother live with her mother. Her older siblings are already out of the house.
Dalia’s mother is disabled and therefore cannot work. She supports herself and her two children on her monthly disability payments. Dalia, who completed twelve years of education, contributed to the household income by working as a kindergarten assistant. During the Corona crisis, however, Dalia was put on unpaid leave twice. She also caught Corona and spent two weeks in a Corona hotel. These bouts of unemployment left her financially strained and unable to help her mother.
Dalia is currently studying for a teaching certificate in mathematics. She is learning at two institutions simultaneously in order to be certified in both the ultra-Orthodox and mainstream school systems. This is a young woman who is serious, motivated and highly responsible. She is determined to finish her degree, find a stable job, help her family financially and build herself an independent future. If she could get help covering the remainder of her tuition, there is no doubt that she will succeed.

Verified by: Daniela Tanami, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210095
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