Tuition for Avi

Total Cost - USD 901
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 901

Avi, 28, is a very impressive young man with a complicated past.

The youngest of 11 siblings, Avi grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. Avi never felt connected to his parents’ religious lifestyle and struggled in the educational system. He moved schools numerous times until, at the age of 16, he left school altogether. He also moved out of his parents’ home and cut off contact with them.

Over the years, Avi lived in friends’ homes and supported himself working odd jobs.

Avi suffers from ADD which has impacted his ability to hold down a job, build relationships and make decisions. He is now under medical supervision and following a regular course of medication. This has made a world of difference in his quality of life.

Two years ago, Avi completed certification as a hydrotherapist. He paid for his tuition from his savings and with loans. He is now working in the field and is determined to build himself a stable and productive future.

Avi has now moved back to his father’s home in order to continue saving money. His dream is to study osteopathy.

Avi is a motivated, disciplined and committed young man. He has overcome many obstacles in his 28 years but has come out standing on his own two feet. If he could get help paying tuition for his osteopathy courses, there is no question that he will be one step closer to fulfilling his dreams.

Verified by: Yael Wolfert, Aharon Shandor NGO | Case No.: 220417
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