Computer for Ariel

Total Cost - USD 686
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 686

Ariel, 26, is struggling to find himself. One of eight siblings, Ariel grew up in a religious home. His father is a teacher and his mother is a physiotherapist. At the age of 14, Ariel rebelled against his parents’ religious lifestyle and was put in a boarding school for troubled youth. Ariel graduated high school and finished all of his national exams. He completed three years of army service in a combat unit and participated in Operation Cast Lead. When Ariel was released from the army, he suffered from severe PTSD for which he is still undergoing therapy.

After completing his service, Ariel travelled abroad for a year. He became very interested in the tourism industry and became an avid surfer. Eventually, he returned to Israel where he worked odd jobs in order to support himself. Since the arrival of Corona, he has been unemployed.

Today, Ariel is trying to find his way. He moved back home but feels trapped by his family’s lifestyle. He would like to study tourism and find a job in the field. If he had a computer, it would be easier for him to look for a job, begin his studies and continue his therapy which takes place on Zoom. With his current financial situation, Ariel cannot afford to buy a computer. There’s no question though that one would give this young man a solid start in building an independent and productive life.

Verified by: Talia Muriel, The Yated Program, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200267
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