Therapy for Vered

Total Cost - $ 218
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 218

Leora, 50, and Tzion, 57, haven’t had it easy. Tzion was raised in a series of foster homes, as his mother was incapable of caring for him. He graduated high school and completed his full army service. Leora had a relatively normal childhood, graduated high school, and got a degree in Bookkeeping.

The couple married when Leora finished 12th grade. Tzion opened an independent electronics business that suffered losses over the years and eventually folded. The couple fell deeply into debt and were forced to declare bankruptcy. Their house was foreclosed, and they had to move into a small three-room apartment, along with their five children.

Today, Tzion doesn’t work due to serious health issues. Leora works as a bookkeeper, and the family survives on her income and Tzion’s monthly government stipend. They get no help from their respective families, though social services supports them in whatever ways they can.

Leora and Tzion’s 27-year-old son is a drug addict who lives at home with them. This, in addition to the couple’s dire financial situation, has had a terrible impact on their five-year-old daughter Vered. She has severe social anxiety and desperately needs an outlet.

The social workers have recommended animal therapy for Vered. They think that this will boost her self-confidence and be very helpful to her development. Unfortunately, there is no way Leora and Tzion can afford this expense.

Verified by: Lilach Tzvi, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 220031
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