The Education Fund 2024

Total Cost - USD 132,170
Still Needed - USD 71,360
Funded - USD 60,810

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Ten Gav receives requests for financial assistance for course tuitions from social workers around the country primarily for two populations – at-risk young adults and single mothers.

We know how badly they both need ongoing support.  

At-risk young adults receive guidance and mentoring from social workers and special youth field workers leading them to vocational and academic courses.  Without family support, however, and despite working to support themselves, these young people often lack adequate funds to pay their tuition costs.

Single mothers often have expenses way beyond their means.  The burden of paying rent on a single salary and providing for their children’s basic needs alone, in many cases without support from their children’s fathers, often places them in distress.  Social services agencies offer guidance in preparing to increase earning power and rely on their partnership with Ten Gav to provide financial assistance for tuition for a variety of vocational and academic courses.

The Ten Gav Education Fund provides scholarships of up to 5500 NIS or $1500 for each applicant which is paid directly to the educational institution on behalf of the student.

Our goal is to help at-risk young adults and single mothers break the cycle of poverty in which they find themselves by building sustainable and productive futures.


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