Summer camp for Gali

Total Cost - USD 980
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 980

Noa, 56, does the best she can to meet the needs of her ten-year-old daughter, Gali.

Noa had a complicated upbringing, losing her father at a very young age. 18 years ago, her brother was killed. Noa is left with just her elderly mother who can’t provide financial or emotional support.

Noa and Gali live in a modest caravan. They survive on a monthly government stipend; Gali is now actively looking for an administrative job.

While Noa tries to get back on her feet, she is desperate to provide Gali with a framework for the long, hot summer months. If she could get help paying for summer camp, Noa could continue her job search and Gali could enjoy her summer vacation along with her peers.

Verified by: Tami Elad, Department of Social Services, Hof Hacarmel | Case No.: 220615
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