Stove for Maya

Total Cost - USD 380
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 380

Maya, 28, is a happy, social young woman. After completing two years of National Service, Maya moved into a rental apartment with her brother and sister.

Maya is cognitively impaired but functions well in the world. She works in a factory where she is well-loved and does her job diligently.

In addition to her mental impairments, Maya suffers from hormonal imbalances and severe weight issues. She is scheduled for bariatric surgery shortly and is hopeful that the procedure will improve her general well-being.

Currently, Maya and her siblings do not have a working oven. In order to prepare for her upcoming surgery, it is important that Maya eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Without a working oven, this will be very challenging. Unfortunately, neither Maya nor her siblings can afford the expense of a new appliance

Verified by: Galit Zimerman Veinstock, Department of Social Services, Hod Hasharon | Case No.: 220033
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