Refrigerator for Smadar

Total Cost - USD 515
Still Needed - USD -12
Funded - USD 527

Smadar’s story is heartbreaking. Throughout her childhood, both of Smadar’s parents suffered from emotional and psychological issues. Her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and dementia; Smadar has had no contact with her father since the age of 10. Smadar and her two siblings were physically abused and often neglected. Eventually, Smadar was sent to boarding school and moved from institution to institution. Neither she nor her siblings ever got the help they needed.
Despite her difficult upbringing, Smadar finished high school, completed her full army service, studied at college and worked to support herself.
Six years ago, Smadar was in a bad car accident. It left her with a slipped disk and chronic back and neck pain, as well as severe migraines. For five years, Smadar lived with her mother and barely functioned. In 2019, she underwent six months of rehab and now manages to walk with a slight limp. She still suffers from chronic pain and receives treatment at a pain management clinic on a regular basis. The accident triggered memories from her traumatic childhood, and her emotional state deteriorated as well.
Today, Smadar continues to suffer from PTSD, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and disassociative disorder. She recently moved out of her mother’s home, and she and her sister moved into their own apartment. Smadar’s sister is disabled as well and doesn’t work. The two survive on their government disability stipends and barely make ends meet.
Smadar also has extensive debts which she is trying to slowly repay.
Recently, Smadar’s refrigerator stopped working. She and her sister desperately need a new one, but they can’t possibly afford the expense.

Verified by: Ofra Schneider, Department of Social Services, , Rishon Lezion | Case No.: 210222
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