Refrigerator for Sivan

Total Cost - USD 461
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 461

Sivan, 53, is going through a difficult time. Sivan is a single mother to four children, two of whom are older and living on their own. Sivan’s younger two children, ages 10 and 13, live at home with her.
Sivan worked steadily as a teacher for many years. After going through a very rough divorce, Sivan took an unpaid leave of absence in order to recover emotionally. When she was ready to return to work, the Corona crisis had hit. She was put on unpaid leave and, since her return, her hours have been significantly reduced. Sivan is trying hard to make ends meet on her unemployment stipend and child support payments, but it hasn’t been easy.
At the moment, Sivan does not have a working refrigerator. There is no doubt that this diligent and hard-working single mother will soon be back on her feet. In the meantime, however, she desperately needs help buying a new refrigerator in order to feed her two young children.

Verified by: Naama Kedar, Department of Social Services, Even Yehuda | Case No.: 210128
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