Refrigerator for Sima

Total Cost - USD 841
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 841

Sima, 49, has seven children. After undergoing years of abuse, she left her husband and is now in the midst of divorce proceedings.

The financial abuse she underwent, along with the actual divorce process, have left Sima in dire financial straits.

She is currently taking part in a social service program that is providing her with professional and financial mentoring, along with emotional therapy. Sima is determined to stand on her own two feet and build herself a stable and independent future.

In the meantime, the family’s refrigerator has broken and cannot be repaired. In order to feed herself and her children fresh, healthy food, Sima desperately needs a new fridge.

She deserves our help as she tries to rebuild her life.

Verified by: Ayelet Ben David, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Malachi | Case No.: 230692
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