Refrigerator for Shoshana

Total Cost - USD 654
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 654

Shoshana, 36, is facing difficult times. Married at a very young age, she gave birth to twins at the age of 18. This was followed by the birth of two more children. It soon became apparent that her husband was an alcoholic, and they subsequently divorced. He pays no child support.

Since her divorce, Shoshana worked odd jobs but for the past two years, she has worked steadily as a cleaner in a school. She receives a small amount of government aid as well.

Shoshana is now pregnant again, and the father is taking no responsibility. In April, she was put on bed rest and had to stop working. She has still not received her unemployment benefits and is having trouble covering her expenses.

Shoshana’s most immediate need is a new refrigerator, as her current one is old and broken. She is afraid it will stop working altogether, and she will have no way to feed her growing family. She needs our help.

Verified by: Zilpa Levi, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East - Achvah | Case No.: 200252
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