Refrigerator for Liat

Total Cost - USD 418
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 418

Liat’s story is heartbreaking. At the age of 14, she was orphaned when both of her parents were tragically killed. Liat’s older sister raised her, but she is now basically on her own, with no family support.

Liat finished 11 years of schooling but never graduated. Due to her tragic circumstances, she didn’t do army or national service. Over the years, she has survived on a small government stipend.
Six years ago, Liat finally began working as an assistant in a gan. Unfortunately, because of her emotional issues, she was unable to work more than five hours a day. She has very low coping mechanisms, clearly due to her childhood trauma, and is prone to panic and anxiety attacks. She recently appealed to the National Insurance Institute in order to be recognized as disabled and thereby receive a monthly disability stipend.

Recently, due to the Corona crisis, Liat was put on unpaid leave and is currently living off her unemployment benefits. With this small income, she has to cover her daily expenses, as well as pay off her many debts. To further complicate matters, she was diagnosed with celiac disease and as lactose-intolerant. This means spending extra money on food, as gluten- and lactose-free products are expensive. Liat has recently started taking anti-anxiety medication and attending counseling sessions through her health fund. These steps have helped her make some progress, yet she still has difficulty handling day-to-day life.

Liat’s living conditions are dire. Her apartment is old and suffers from mold, dampness, peeling paint and other issues. At the moment, her refrigerator is broken and the technician has said it cannot be fixed. At the very least, this fragile young woman needs a working refrigerator in order to survive.

Verified by: Lee Friedman, Department of Social Services, Raanana | Case No.: 200246
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