Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Total Cost - USD 688
Still Needed - USD 574
Funded - USD 114

After the birth of her sixth child, four months ago, Carmella, 39, sank into such serious post-partum depression that she had to be hospitalized. This threw her family into crisis.

The new baby daughter and her older sister went to live with an aunt, but Carmella’s husband, Caleb, 46, has to leave his janitorial job to take care of their four boys. His leaving threw the family into debt.

Now more stable, Carmella is home and Caleb has returned to work. They are determined to rehabilitate themselves, to pay off their debts, and to take good care of their children. But their oldest, eight-year old Charlie, is having trouble recovering. He is depressed and asocial, struggling both emotionally and academically. His teachers and social worker have put together a program to help him. This has been effective, but testing would help them to focus in on the sources of his problems.

A clearer understanding of his struggles would allow them to support him better. However, Charlie’s parents do not have the means to fund the test, despite its importance to their son’s progress.

Verified by: Lena Zavin, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 180119
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