Psycho-didactic evaluation for Roi

Total Cost - USD 759
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 759

Yafit, 37, is doing her very best to raise two young children, ages 11 and 13, on her own. Four years ago, Yafit divorced her husband after suffering years of physical abuse.

The divorce proceedings were ugly, and the couple battled over custody and child support. Today, relations are much more stable, though the children refuse to see their father.

Yafit was determined to stand on her own two feet after the divorce, She joined a social services program that helped her build a sound financial plan and find a professional path. Yafit took courses towards a certificate in hair styling and opened her own business.

The Corona crisis hit Yafit hard. Her customer base plummeted, and she had to be home in order to care for her children who were learning remotely. To save money, she left her rental apartment and moved in with her parents.

Now that business has picked up a bit, Yafit and her children have moved into their own apartment. Even though she is still struggling financially, Yafit felt that it was important that the family have privacy and build themselves an independent future.

Yafit has always managed to make ends meet on her own and invests all she has in her children . Now, however, her 13-year-old son, Roi, needs a psycho-didactic evaluation because of behavioral and emotional issues. Yafit cannot afford this expense but is eager to give Roi whatever helps he needs in order to thrive.

Verified by: Shahar Wasa, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 210776
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