Psycho-diagnostic Testing for Gaby

Total Cost - $ 276
Still Needed - $ 20
Funded - $ 256
Recently, nine-year old Gaby’s behavior has changed.
Always quiet and reserved, she ripped the pages out of a book and sometimes lies on her classroom floor without a word or movement. When her team lost a game, she blamed herself to an extent that was out of scale. Gaby’s concerned teacher set up a meeting with the school social worker and psychologist. This led to the recommendation of more extensive testing that will help to clarify what is going on with Gaby emotionally, and will help to determine the best ways to support her.
Gaby is the sixth of seven children. Her parents divorced two years ago after her alcoholic father abused her mother for years. Gaby’s mother – who made aliya from Ethiopia in 1991 – cares for the children and is raising them on her salary as a cleaner. Gaby’s mother recognizes the importance of this testing to help guide her daughter back to her happy, functioning self, but has no way to pay for it.
Verified by: Nitzan Sigron, Department of Social Services, Ofaqim | Case No.: 180200
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