Professional Camera for Penina

Total Cost - USD 1,283
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,283

At age 43, Penina has started on a new direction in life, and she gives thanks every day for her ability to do so. Her divorce has almost come through, she has found a new home with her two children, and she is determined to earn a living for the first time and support them properly.

Penina always loved taking photographs and she turned this hobby to the good of her community, volunteering to take pictures at her children’s school. Two years ago, when she realized that she would soon be on her own, she started taking photography classes that would enable her to enter the events market. However, her camera is very old and does not meet the expectations of today’s clients.

Penina will not qualify for help with housing costs until her divorce is complete, nor has her former husband yet started to pay child support. In this limbo period, Penina has very little money. She has to have a new camera in order to start earning, but does not have the funds for the camera that she needs.

Verified by: Hagit Zehavi, Department of Social Services, Even Yehuda | Case No.: 190474
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