Day camp and Pool memberships for 183 kids in Migdal Ha’Emek

Total Cost - USD 14,222
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 14,222

The Department of Social Services in Migdal Ha’Emek has requested our help in sending 183 children to day camp and their local pool this summer! 

Reut and her children are one of the families we want to help. 

Reut is 39 and raising three young children (ages 6-13) alone. She is studying towards a degree in social work and, at the same time, works a student job to provide for her children.  Reut is determined to give them a stable future.

Reut and her husband divorced a few years ago after facing a severe financial crisis. Afterward, Reut turned to social services to receive financial counseling and parenting guidance. In addition, she was able to get emotional therapy for her children. 

Reut and her children are facing a long hot summer vacation. If they could get help buying a pool membership, there is no doubt that the coming months could be a time of healing and bonding for them.

*Migdal HaEmek is located in the north of Israel. It is considered a poor city where the average salary for full-time work is approximately 4,300 NIS / $1200 per month.  Youth under 17 represent 21% of the city’s population.

Verified by: Ruti Simana, Department of Social Services, Migdal Ha'Emek | Case No.: 230550
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