Pool membership for Limor and her children

Total Cost - USD 283
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 283

Limor, a devoted mother to two young children, needs a helping hand this summer.

Limor had a traumatic upbringing and as a result, she was raised by foster families. Today, Limor is divorced and has two children – Osnat, 8, and Guy, 9. She is an incredibly devoted mother who is determined to see to it that her children have a happier childhood than she did.

Limor supports herself and her kids on her monthly disability stipend and partial child support from her ex-husband. The family lives in a government-subsidized apartment and gets help from social services. Despite all of her efforts, Limor struggles each month to make ends meet.

The summer presents an added challenge for Limor. The children are home which increases her monthly expenses. She struggles between fulfilling her kids’ desires to participate in all of the activities that their friends do and putting food on the table. Last summer, Limor didn’t ask for outside help; she paid for a pool membership on her own and ended up struggling to pay the kids’ school fees during the year.

This year, Limor realized that she can’t continue to do things on her own. Day camp isn’t an option for Osnat and Guy since they will spend every other week with their father. A pool membership, however, would go a long way towards giving Limor and her children an easier and more enjoyable summer.

Verified by: Yaffa Elmio Gobau, Department of Social Services, Migdal haemek | Case No.: 220670
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