Oven for Zohara

Total Cost - USD 330
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 330

Zohara’s husband left her after their now three year old was born. She became pregnant again during a recent failed attempt at reconciliation, and is now raising a young son and an infant on her own. Their father pays no child support.

Zohara, 41, works full time as a nursery aide. She has no other income, so relies on her minimal salary for all of the family’s needs. She does without as much as she can, as she tries to stretch the monthly amount, but it does not go far. Currently, Zohara cooks the family’s meals on a hotplate. She would love to be able to use an oven instead, but cannot afford one.

Verified by: Dafna Buskila, Katef Le Katef | Case No.: 180104
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