Oven for Yoni

Total Cost - $ 273
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 273

Yoni has been a taxi driver for many years. With the onset of Corona, he was laid off. Eventually, he started working again but then had to stop because of depression. Yoni, 57, has had two bypass surgeries and suffers from depression and anxiety, mainly because of his financial situation. Many years ago, he fell for a property scam that left him deeply in debt, and he has not succeeded in paying it off. Although he applied for rent assistance when his earnings disappeared, the government deemed him unqualified. Yoni’s oven has not worked in a long time and almost all of the stove’s burners have failed as well. Yoni does not own a microwave. Warm, healthy food would help to improve both Yoni’s health and his outlook on life, but he does not have the money that he needs to buy a new oven.

Verified by: Shani Greenstein, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Ono | Case No.: 210089
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