Oven for Rina and Binaya

Total Cost - USD 651
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 651

Rina and Binaya are struggling to make ends meet. Four of their seven children are currently living at home, and the couple don’t bring in enough money to cover their monthly expenses.

A year and a half ago, Rina suffered a medical episode that left her unable to work; she now receives a monthly disability stipend. Binaya works part time as a driver. He cannot increase his work hours as he needs to be available to care for his wife and their 8-year-old son who has CP and needs round-the-clock attention.

The family lives in a small three-room apartment. Recently, their oven broke and they cannot afford to replace it.

As Rina and Binaya struggle to find a way to move forward, the very least they deserve is a new oven to prepare food for their growing children.

Verified by: Arye Vallhandler, Department of Social Services, Ramat Eshkol | Case No.: 220512
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