Oven for Rama

Total Cost - USD 262
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 262

Rama, 29, desperately needs our help. Rama immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of eight. She learned in boarding school and met her future husband when she was 17. The couple eventually divorced, after Rama was abused to the point that her husband was arrested. Rama was left to raise her three young children (ages 4-7) on her own.
With the arrival of Corona, Rama has been unable to look for work as she is at home with her children. They live in subsidized housing, and Rama supports her family on monthly government stipends.
Social services visited Rama’s home recently and noticed that the family is living without an oven. It is tragic to think that Rama has no way to cook for her three growing children.

Verified by: Yulia Greenberg, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 210082
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