Oven for Miriam and Dov

Total Cost - $ 329
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 329

Miriam and Dov are raising their four children under great financial hardship. One of their children, Natan, is Miriam’s great-nephew whom the couple adopted because his mother was a drug addict. Natan is a special needs child and requires a lot of attention and care.

Miriam was raised in a turbulent home – one that was known to social services for years. Because of her difficult upbringing, she never learned a trade and is currently working as an assistant in a gan.

Dov was raised in an ultra-Orthodox home and he as well never learned a profession. He is making every effort, however, to support his family and is now working as a gardener. Together, this couple is working hard to make ends meet and improve their circumstances.

Miriam and Dov’s most immediate concern is that their oven is broken and unsafe to use. There’s no way they can feed their children without a new one, but its an expense that they currently cannot afford.

Verified by: Hava Leah Zohar, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 200346
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