Oven for Lia and her family

Total Cost - $ 329
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 329

Although Gad has worked in a produce shop for 20 years, he struggles to support his family. Seven years ago, he had a brain tumor removed and still struggles with headaches and other health problems. These issues are so severe that he occasionally needs hospitalization. He is also an alcoholic. The combination of these problems makes it difficult for him to work consistently.

His wife, Lia, is not working at the moment because she is taking care of their four young children. Their apartment is so decrepit that the court has ordered them to move out, but they are having a hard time finding a new one that they can afford. The dampness, mold, and plumbing issues in their unit ruined what little furniture the family had. In addition to trying to find a new home, they now have to acquire new furniture and appliances as well.

Foremost among their necessities is an oven, without which Lia cannot cook for her children. This is one of the many expenses that the family cannot currently afford.

Verified by: Hayah Shtengel, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Ono | Case No.: 200118
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